Full Service Atlanta Bankruptcy Law Firm

The Ballard Law Group is a boutique Atlanta bankruptcy law firm that offers exceptional bankruptcy and debt relief services. We are the small, personalized bankruptcy law firm that provides the results of a large, impersonal law firm.

We understand that good people go through difficult times in their lives. Sometimes life events create financial problems that just cannot be resolved without the help of a professional.  Our Atlanta bankruptcy lawyers are here to help by accessing your current financial situation so we can help you find the best solution to get you a fresh start free from overwhelming debt and frustration and mental anguish that it causes.

Choosing the Right Debt Relief Option For You

After we conduct a thorough and comprehensive bankruptcy consultation to determine your financial needs and goals, we will discuss your bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy alternatives for debt relief. We will also include a discussion about the benefits and disadvantages of each debt relief option.

After assessing your situation and providing you with our experienced legal opinion regarding the best option to resolve your debt problem, the decision to file bankruptcy is up to you. We do not believe is a “pressured car lot” type of sale. We give you the information and the facts you need to make an informed decision regarding the best way to get rid of your debt problem.

If you choose bankruptcy as the way to resolve your debt problems, our Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys will show you which chapter of bankruptcy is right for you and guide you through the entire bankruptcy process from gathering the information necessary to file your bankruptcy petition to attending your court hearing. We are here with you every step of the way — you are not in this alone.

What Are Some of The Things That The Ballard Law Group Does For Our Clients?

  • Answer Bankruptcy Questions – We know you have many questions about bankruptcy, debt relief, and the bankruptcy process. We offer a free bankruptcy consultation so you can get answers to all of your bankruptcy questions. Do not make a decision about filing bankruptcy based on a myth or misinformation found on the internet or through a friend of a friend. 
  • Protect You From Creditor Harassment – When we file your bankruptcy petition, your creditors must stop all efforts to collect debts. This includes filing a lawsuit, continuing a lawsuit, repossession of your assets, calling you on the telephone, sending collection letters, and showing up at your home. The creditor is only permitted to send “informational material” about the loan if necessary. They cannot demand payment or contact you repeatedly after the bankruptcy filing. 
  • Stop Foreclosures, Repossession, Wage Garnishments, Seizures, and Debt Collection Lawsuits – The same automatic stay that prevents creditors from harassing you for payment also prevents creditors from taking actions to foreclosure, repossess, or obtain judgments for debts owed during the pendency of your bankruptcy case. 
  • Keep Your Home and Other Property – If you choose to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, you may be able to keep your home by paying the past due payments over a 36 to 60-month plan.
  • Represent You and Guide You Through the Bankruptcy Process – Having an experienced bankruptcy lawyer at your side gives you an advantage because we know and understand the bankruptcy law and the bankruptcy rules. Because of our experience, resources, and knowledge, we can protect your best interests while avoiding or correcting problems that could arise during your bankruptcy case. We take care of filing all of the paperwork with the court, we go to all court hearings with you, and we provide support and guidance during each step until you reach the end of your bankruptcy case and receive your discharge. This is what you need and want in a bankruptcy law firm.

The Ballard Law Group also offers a variety of other debt relief services that we discuss with clients during their free bankruptcy consultation if their situation warrants use of these debt relief services.

We Are A Total Solutions Provider For All Debt Relief Services

A financial hardship can make you feel hopeless, vulnerable, fearful, and ashamed. You need someone who you can trust with your financial information but also with your emotional state of mind. Our attorneys provide legal and emotional support as you take the first step on the road to financial recovery.

Contact The Ballard Law Group online or by calling 404-220-9906 for your free bankruptcy consultation.