About Us

The bankruptcy professionals of The Ballard Law Group are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses in the greater Atlanta area who are suffering with overwhelming debt or other financial problems. Our law firm is focused on bankruptcy; therefore, that is all that we do.

When you choose an Atlanta bankruptcy law firm to help you with filing bankruptcy, you can rest assured that you are receive legal advice based on the most current laws, cases, and trends in the bankruptcy field. You can also rest assured that our bankruptcy lawyers are not trying to split their time between bankruptcy and other areas of law — we put your needs first and that means focusing on the problem you have right now, your debts and finances.

The Bankruptcy Attorneys of Our Atlanta Bankruptcy Law Firm

Our bankruptcy lawyers provide personalized attention to each client because we are a boutique law firm. We are not one of those “bankruptcy mills” that will just take your money, give you a huge stack of papers to complete, and assign your case to a paralegal. Our bankruptcy lawyers are involved in each step of the process and you have access to your attorney when you need your attorney.

While we do have paralegals and other staff members who help you gather the information we need to complete your bankruptcy forms, they work with you as a team just as they work with our attorneys as a team to provide high-quality, knowledgeable, reliable, and skilled legal counsel and representation. By assembling a talented staff of legal professionals, the bankruptcy attorneys of The Ballard Law Group have built a law firm that is focused on the most important element in a bankruptcy case — the best interests of the person filing bankruptcy.

Put Our Experience, Resources, and Skills to Work for You to Resolve Your Debt Problems

As an Atlanta bankruptcy law firm, we have certain core values that we believe benefit our clients. Because of these core values, you can always expect to be treated just like our attorneys expect to be treated if they need to retain an attorney for legal services.

Our core values are:

  • Provide honest, candid, straightforward bankruptcy advice to each client;
  • Always offer realistic, affordable solutions to financial problems without making empty promises or pushing clients into filing bankruptcy;
  • Always provide exceptional customer service;
  • Have a professional, kind, and helpful attitude at all times; and,
  • Treat each client as a unique person who deserves are full and undivided attention.

Learn How The Ballard Law Group Is Different From Other Atlanta Bankruptcy Law Firms

We want to help you take the first step on the path to resolve your debt problems so you can continue on the path to stronger financial well-being.  Contact The Ballard Law Group online or by calling 404-220-9906 for your free bankruptcy consultation.